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Would you like to impressively enhance the interior elegance of your residence or your place of work? Allow us to light up your interiors with our stunning and affordable Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, Floor lamps, Table lamps, Pendants, and custom Lighting Products from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, France, Germany & Austria. 


Luxurious lighting fixtures from Lights of Venice offers you unique & original designs in modern & traditional materials such as Murano Glass, Swarovski Crystal, Wrought Iron, 24 K Gold Leaf Finish, Brass, Bronze plus much more! With outstanding craftsmanship, our exclusive Chandelier, Table lamps, Wall Sconces, Floor Lamps, and Custom Design service will enable you to express your individuality and refined taste.


Since 2001, Lights of Venice has brought the very best of European made lighting to interior designers, architects, and project owners all across the country and internationally offering lighting solutions of almost all sizes, colors, and styles, to be tailored to your individual requirements. The improved traditional craftsmanship, the use of high-quality materials and the great emphasis on the details guarantee the quality, refinement, and originality of our products.


We are a direct importer and distributor for all the lighting products we exclusively offer.  You will find our delivery time to be shorter than all the others. With our no extra charge drop shipping, we can drop ship for you directly from the factory and save you hundreds of dollars in delivery charges.

Brands We Offer

Bringing the best of European design to the USA.
Lights of Venice brings the very best of European made lighting to interior designers, architects and project owners all across the country.
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Will custom chandeliers go with my home’s decor?


Custom chandeliers are a type of custom lighting that have a reputation for bringing exceptional elegance and beauty to any space. However, while these unique chandelier designs can often be made in very ornate and intricate styles, they can also feature simplistic designs and subtle details. Custom-made, unique chandeliers can be created to match any home’s decor. Plus, because custom chandeliers come in a wide variety of styles and materials, it is actually easier than you might think to design custom lighting that fits perfectly with your taste and style. For example, some materials are known for being more traditional and are often used to create a custom chandelier that would fit perfectly in a Victorian-era ballroom. However, other materials and design techniques can be used to create custom-made chandeliers that are a seamless addition to even the most modern and minimalist home decor. 


Are custom chandeliers the right choice for my business?


Where you work is like your second home, and it is important to bring the same care and attention to decorating your workspace as it is to defining your personal style at home. In fact, there are just as many variations in decor in a business environment as there are in people’s homes, and each space needs to have its own unique lighting. After all, you would not choose the same lighting for a large formal dining room as you would for a small guest bathroom. The same variation in style and lighting choice should be applied to your workplace. For example, a conference room used for client presentations and brainstorming sessions will likely need different custom lighting options than the waiting area of a lawyer’s office or the display area of an elegant bridal shop. Custom lighting options and combinations are endless, but unique chandeliers are always a great choice to add beautiful, distinctive lighting to your professional space. When you opt for custom chandeliers, you can choose the materials, designs, and details that match your already existing decor. On the other hand, you may also choose to create a space around your new unique chandelier so that your custom lighting is the focal point of your space.


Are there custom chandelier options that are affordable for my limited budget?


When some people think about custom lighting options, especially custom-designed, unique chandeliers, they may immediately assume that it is out of their price range. However, when you choose the right importer and distributor for your custom chandelier, you will receive the highest quality materials and design for the best prices. Plus, shipping costs and delivery charges can be greatly reduced. At Lights of Venice, we take great pride in being able to pass our savings onto our customers, providing the most beautiful, elegant options for prices that are affordable for your home or business.


What materials are available for custom chandeliers?


Custom chandeliers can be made in a wide variety of materials, and what you choose will depend on what look and feel you want from your unique chandelier. Each type of material is appropriate for different decors. For example, if you are looking for a detailed, elegant, and traditional custom chandelier, Murano glass or Swarovski Crystal chandeliers are great options. Wrought iron chandeliers can create a rustic feel, while brass or bronze custom chandeliers often feature more of a modern design. For a unique chandelier that looks like no other, you can choose a gold leaf finish to create a truly distinctive design. One of the best features of custom-made chandeliers is that no matter what style you want for your home or business – traditional, modern, minimalist, country, industrial, or luxury – it can be beautifully accomplished through the gorgeous lighting of a unique chandelier.


Should I be concerned about the process for custom chandelier installation?


No matter what type of lighting you are adding to your home or business, the custom chandelier installation process may seem daunting. Installing any kind of lighting requires a specific skill set. Proper installation of a chandelier in particular requires multiple skills, including electrical wiring, mounting the fixture, and proper measurements. Because of this, hiring a professional is the best choice. An important consideration when hiring professionals to install your brand new, unique chandelier is cost. The cost of installation can easily surpass your budget due to added fees and additional time not factored into the original estimate. However, if you choose the right company to work with, you can avoid hidden fees and added costs and rest assured that your custom chandelier and its installation are affordable for even modest budgets.


What other lighting options are available in addition to unique chandeliers?


Unique chandeliers are an excellent addition to any space, but odds are good that you need more custom lighting than just a custom chandelier. Create the ideal look and feel for your room with carefully planned light fixtures that work together to illuminate your home or business in the most beautiful, comforting, and functional way. For example, wall sconces are a popular additional option for custom lighting. Like unique chandeliers, the designs are versatile, but they can be placed almost anywhere to add a splash of light in dark corners, along hallways, in doorways, or along any wall of your home or business. Lamps are another great option. Depending on your space and lighting needs, you might choose a floor lamp, table lamp, or a combination of the two to add to the lighting provided by your unique chandelier. For a more decorative look you may opt for pendant lights. Just like a unique chandelier design, these lights are suspended from the ceiling into the middle of your space. The suspension material, such as a chain or rod, the height, and the number of pendant lights is dependent on your decor and how much light you need. Like custom chandeliers, pendant lights come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and designs. 


What should I look for in a direct importer and distributor of custom chandeliers and other lighting products?

When considering a direct importer and distributor of custom lighting, find out more about the brands they offer and where their materials and designs originate. For example, exceptionally beautiful designs and top brands of unique chandeliers are European-made. Across the pond, you will find some of the most talented, experienced designers in the world. With the option to import these masterpieces to the United States, you can enjoy these luxury pieces and expert craftsmanship in your home or office.