Penelope weaves continuity between space and furnishings

Penelope gets her name from the weaver in the myth of Odysseus, a feminine symbol of intelligence, patience, dexterity and an artful adaptability to the ever-changing nature of reality, capable of regenerating and maintaining the spirit of the home. Conceived of as the evolution of a woven carpet that becomes light, Penelope is more than just a furnishing accessory. In fact, within the context of the functionality of contemporary living, she is capable of decorating, furnishing and defining the spaces of our daily lives and, at the same time, stimulating the senses and evoking ancient stories. Produced in a single version, covered in fabric or bare, she brings the tactility of an artisanal object into the home. With this comes the unrepeatability of a product made entirely by hand, the result of wisdom passed down through generations, at once both simple and rich in history, which is integral to the crochet weaving technique.